Proverbs 11:12-21

This passage has a number of comparative verses.  It starts out with someone void of wisdom and a man of understanding.  I am impressed by the word ‘understanding’ lately.  This contrast can also be found in Ephesians chapters one and four.  The first is the eyes of our understanding being enlightened, and the other is their understanding is likened to darkness because of the blindness of their hearts.

Next we have the gracious woman retains honor.  Our lives should be characterized by being gracious.  This is honorable.  The next good word is merciful.  In showing mercy we retain friendship and we bring so called enemies into our family, so rendering evil for evil brings us into the same character as the wicked.   The end of our lives will show where we are spiritually.  We who are christians are to be rewarded according to our works.  The evil deceitful man will be dealt with too.  Ours is the way of life.  Theirs is the way of death.  No one is left out.

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