Proverbs 15:12-22

This group of verses begin with a scorner.  There are some people who are against everything that is good.  Our work is being divided more and more this way. 
Then we have the heart of a person of understanding seeking knowledge.  It is a mistake for any one of us to say, “I am complete. I don’t need anything more.”  This could reveal how short sided we are.
Then there is the phrase about a dinner of herbs where love is.  Sometimes people who have just a little and are a happy family are better off than people loaded with money who are not satisfied with anything.  A rich man was asked what would make him happy.  The answer was just a little more.
I am going to end this with the safety there is in the multitude of counselors.  This is the opposite of the know it all, the ” I need no help” sort of person.  Of course, there are those with bad advice too.  We must always weigh carefully the advice we give too.
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