Proverbs 21:13-22

These verses begin with stopping one’s ears at the cry of the poor.  There is a saying, “What goes around comes around.”  However there are those who are not legitimately poor.  Our government gives a lot of money to those who can work yet often refuse to.  As Christians we must be careful not to enable people to keep on sinning.  Sometimes giving money out and not holding people accountable does much more harm than good. 

 There is an interesting phrase in verse 14 about wandering out of the way of understanding.  There is a good way and that is God’s way.  To forsake that way is what Solomon meant.  He wandered himself at the end of his life.  The  book of Ecclesiastes reveals to us that when he came to the end of his life, he realized that things do not satisfy and the whole purpose of life is to please God.  In verse 15 we find the phrase “It is joy to the just to do justice.”  For the righteous person, making a right decision brings joy and a clear conscience.    By the same token in the US, when our laws were based on the so called just judgment, now we are grieved because there are judgments that are not just, and in some cases there is no proper judgment at all.

Loving pleasure sometimes does make a man poor.  I was there once before Christ came into my life.  If you read this and don’t know Christ, I would advise you to make Him your Savior today.  I just want to comment briefly on anger in marriage.  A lot of marriages don’t survive because of this very thing. 

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