Proverbs 28:1-14

I find that expression: The wicked flee when no man persueth, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.  You would be surprised how you can be when you have nothing to hide.  Verse 2 speaks about the transgression of the land and many people are involved.  Then there would step up a man of understanding and the whole situation changes for the better.  We are in the process of preparing to elect a new president.  Let us hope that he is a man of understanding or we as a nation are sunk.

Evil men do not understand judgment, but to seek the Lord makes us men of understanding.  There is the thought of a poor man walking in righteousness versus a rich man who has evil ways.  Keeping the law (God’s ways) makes us wise.  Did you notice that for every one of these proverbial statements there is a contrary statement?  There is the right way and a wrong way in every thought of our heart.  We have to make a choice on which way to follow.

There is the turning away from the hearing of the law.  This is an interesting phrase:  the hearing of the law.  Jesus said, “He that has ears to hear let him hear.”  That doesn’t mean that those who crucified Him didn’t hear audibly.  They heard with different motives.  We can do that too.  The last verse tells us that a man is happy if he hears.  That is if we hear the right things.  It’s all about our inner heart attitude in how we perceive things. 

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