Proverbs 6:12-19

All of these verses have one application.  They begin with what is said to be a naughty person.  First of all it is his mouth that is mentioned.  When I came to Christ it was seen mostly in my mouth.  The heart is also mentioned.  Only the Spirit of God can tame a bad heart.
​Farther down in these verses we find seven things that God cannot stand. I will list them here and say a little more later.  A proud look probably meaning pride setting ones self above others.  Nothing needs to be said about a lying tongue.  Truth is supreme. Hands that shed innocent blood.  We do have plenty of this in our country.  Next it is evil imaginations of the heart.
As I look at these things I must take a look in my life mirror to see if any of this is my  agenda.  Do I like what I see or do I not?
​By Pastor Curt Darling
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