Psalm 132:10-18

This Psalm begins with David asking God to remember Him and all his afflictions.  As I go in my thoughts to the life and times of David,  many of his troubles were his own doing but many were not. Some were at the hands of King Saul.

David had a worthy desire to build a house for the mighty God of Jacob.  He said he could not rest until there was rest for the soles of God’s feet.  We found that it was later Solomon who would build the temple and God would call this His dwelling place.

All of this is in the Old Testament. God would find rest in the man, Jesus Christ and then again later after the death and resurrection of Jesus.  God would build a temple made without human hands, the church of the living God, made of living stones, a habitation of God through the Spirit.

I am part of that temple and if you are saved you are part of the temple too.  In this God should find rest for the souls of His feet typically.  What pleasure are we giving to God as part of His temple?

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