Psalm 144:1-15

This Psalm begins with a blessing to someone whose strength is in the LORD. He then said that God is a listing of things to David. All speak of power and protection. 

Next, the all important question.  What is man that thou takest  knowledge of him? When I think of that question a number of things run through my mind.  A word used here is vanity meaning emptiness.  The writer of Ecclesiastes, Solomon, compared him to wind.  When I listen to people talk sometimes I think of that. Man can boast of great accomplishments but are not able to follow through. I feel the best accomplishment is to turn my life over to God by accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior.

That brings me to the last verse of this Psalm, though there is a lot of thought in this Psalm. The Psalm begins with David Blessing God and now ends up with a happy people whose God is the LORD.  In this cruel world we better have a good relationship with Christ.  What else do we have to look forward to.  At my age and walking with God for fifty eight years, I have nothing more to look forward to but Heaven at the end of this earthly journey.

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