Psalm 22:12-21

This whole psalm up until we get to verse 22 is a prophetic description of our Lord Jesus on the cross dying for our sins.  The first thing I will say is that He was there taking my place and yours.   Now some of the following terms are describing the shoutings of the men.  David speaking prophetically describes them as strong bulls of Bashan.  These were fierce animals. He also compares them to a lion.  The sufferings of Jesus’ physical body are described as being poured out like water.  When the cross is put into the hole dug out for it with a person on it, it literally jolts the body and puts all the bones out of joint.  The next thing that is compared is the loss of strength a man on the cross would feel due to the lack of moisture in the body.  Then the mouth being completely dry, the tongue tends to cling to the jaw. 

The next verse compares the men around the cross as the wild dogs that roamed cities in those days.  He also calls them the assembly of the wicked.  That is what they truly were.  We see a verse that describes the casting of lots for Christ’s clothing.  This would come true some 1000 years later.  Only an all knowing, omniscient God can describe the future events down to the very finest detail. He knows the end from the beginning.  The next two verses speak of a vicious enemy, which we know to be Satan.  Jesus won the battle that day on the cross for me and for you!  The rest of the psalm describes the Resurrection.  The great congregation is referring to everyone who believes and are saved.   
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