Psalm 35:1-14

Most of our passage for today, if not all, is a prayer to God for vindication against a formidable enemy.  It might have been penned during the time when David was being hunted by King Saul with the intent of killing him.  I do believe verses 2 & 3 are actually analogy types where David asks God to handle it with spiritual weapons of war.  They are not real material weapons.  Also in verse 5 he speaks of wanting them to be scattered like the chaff of a threshing floor.  Once again he uses a figure of speech.
Another typical figure is what happened to our Lord Jesus during the three years of His ministry.  They were after Him on every hand seeking to kill Him.  But until the crucifixion, he always said “my time has not yet come”.  When that time finally arrived, he set His face towards Jerusalem.  He had it all timed perfectly.  I am thankful that for me personally there is not the enmity David felt.  I pass out Gospel tracts and the most I get is no thanks.  Many times I hear the phrase “God bless you.”  That is not true in Communist or Muslim lands.  I pray for them.  Now I take advantage of my present peaceful surroundings to preach Christ.  You can too. 
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