Psalm 38:12-22

The Bible I am currently using does not have notes or explanations in its margins so I don’t know the historical background or reason David wrote this Psalm.  There seems to be calamity straight through all the verses I am writing about.  David says in verse 13 that he sort of turned a deaf ear to it all.  Sometimes we need to do that or we could go crazy as the old expression goes. David turns back to God in verse 15 saying,  “In thee do I hope.”  He was convinced that God would hear.  It seems there were some who would rejoice if his foot would slip.  I don’t want to be a person like that.  However, there are some that put themselves on a pedestal and lift themselves above others as a result of their pride.   David according to all I read was not like that.  When someone does act that way there are usually plenty of people that would like to knock their pedestal out from under them. 

According to verse 18, David was always aware of sin in his life.  That awareness is very wise, and sorrow for sin is always the right thing to do.  If I am in a position of leadership (which I am), it is a must.  There is the thought here written, “Make haste to help me.”  There are times when we would like God to hurry up.  I will leave that where it is.  When I look at the Psalms, there is something for everything we are going through.  I don’t just look at historical factors (there were plenty) in David’s life.  We have this phrase, “What’s in it for me.” 

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