Psalm 41:1-13

In the beginning of the Psalm, we are blessed if we consider the poor.  I do think that we are wise to evaluate why a person is poor.  Sometimes it is because of a bad lifestyle.  In this country because of government programs, many of the poor are really not poor.  So we must be wise in what we do with what God has given us.  However, in other countries its completely different.  I like to use the term the honest poor.    David in his Psalms always spoke of the contrast between the wicked and the just.  He did speak often of his own sin, in many of the Psalms. 

In verse 9, David is more than likely of the man called Ahitophel the Gilonite who was a counselor and turned against David when his son Absalom tried to take over the throne.  This is prophetically true of Judas as we read in John 13:18.  The ironic thing although hundreds of years apart both of them end up committing suicide.  The very words were quoted by Jesus.  This verse tells me about when this Psalm was written.  However there could have been other men that would have done this too.  Like many of the other psalms, David ends this in the spirit of praise.  Never give up and give in. 

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