Psalm 47:1-9

I am interested in the history of the clapping of hands.  It is kind of applauding someone doing something worthwhile or being someone of worth.  This Psalm begins with applauding God.  Who does more worthwhile things than God?  We need to shout unto God with the voice of triumph!  Are we on top of it as far as our thought and reverence to God?
     Now this entire Psalm is a praise to God.  He is called terrible in the KJV.  He is said to be King over all the earth.  When I remember Israel during the days of Samuel the Prophet, they said we want a king like the nations.  Israel was to be a Theocratic nation meaning God ruling.  However they failed miserably.  God told Samuel; they haven’t rejected you, they have rejected me.  I confess I halted on the word, King.  Remember what they said about Pilate:  we have no king but Caesar.  I am afraid the Caesar aspect is alive and well in this world and seems to also be prevalent in our own country. However God allowed Satan to be the god of this world, but I myself am waiting for God to take control.

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