Psalm 55:15-23

There was a man in David’s life who was his counselor named Ahithophel who betrayed him.  He seems to be a type of Judas who betrayed Jesus.
The next verse begins with “as for me, I will call upon God”.  We can’t always find those who will be a blessing to us.  I am thankful that in this place where I live I don’t have a known enemy.
David speaks of constant prayer.  He names evening, morning and noon.  Paul wrote “pray without ceasing”. We pray especially when we are most vulnerable.
David speaks of a delivered soul in peace from the battle that was against him.  I want to talk about that.  I don’t have the battles he had nor the enemies, but we must not let down our guard.  We do have an enemy, Satan and he is powerful.  We can’t conquer him but we can resist him.
I repeat the word “as for me.” I can’t help what my neighbor or even my fellow Christian is doing but I am responsible for myself.
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