Psalm 62:1-12

David starts this psalm with the phrase that his soul waits upon God.  I think in the time we live this is more important than ever.  I can’t go ahead in my own strength.  There is a difference between this psalm and our New Testament Christianity.  We have the ever present Holy Spirit which David at times didn’t seem to have. He uses “wait upon God” a second time in verse 5.
David speaks of God as a rock and his salvation.  Then he speaks of God as his defense. A rock is something solid to stand on.
Verse 8 says that we are to trust in God at all times.  Power belongs to Him. Verse 12 may be the most important of all. To Him belongs mercy. I could not rely on my own merits because I have nothing to offer.  He took me just like I was. I like the song, Just as I am without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me.  I can answer, O Lamb of God I come, I come.

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