Psalm 65:1-13

This psalm speaks to  me of goodness. I will list some of this as I have room.  The first is “thou who hears prayer”. David was one who prayed a lot.  When he went into battle he always asked God, “shall I go and will I win.” It was really saying will you (God) win it.  We lack this kind of confidence in the USA today.  Our elected officials don’t take God seriously today.
David speaks of visiting the earth with water.  We may have a problem about that today because in our land today some parts are flooded and some are in severe drought, but without water we would cease to exist.  David speaks of rain as a visit from God.  The flood in Noah’s time was definitely a visit from God.  Not because of their goodness but because of their evil ways.  I really don’t know how to end this except that we must praise God for His goodness no matter what comes our way. 
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