Psalm 71:14-24

My first question in this group of verses is about David’s mouth.  He says, “My mouth shall show forth thy salvation all my days.” Then he adds, “I know not the numbers of them.” I don’t know how long I can proclaim the gospel. I must do it every day of my life as I have for the last 58 years.
Another phrase states, “I will go in the strength of the Lord God.” I don’t travel around on my own auspices. What have I got that is worth anything.
“Thou hast taught me from my youth”, David said here.  I am sure some of his psalms were from the time he was sitting watching a flock of sheep. When it was time for Samuel the prophet to anoint a king they didn’t even think of youthful David sitting there with a flock of sheep, but he was the one taught of God to do the job of running the nation. 
There is more about mouth, lips and tongue.  There is no place at all in this world for a silent Christian.
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