Psalm 73:1-14

This Psalm was written by a man named Asaph.  I am not acquainted with him as to his history. He starts out with God being good to Israel.  He then speaks of what we could call a slipping foot.  We must be careful with our walk in the world.
His next thought was envy of the wicked.  I have to be careful about that too, but the thought in our lives now is that we hear of some who could be considered to have everything to live for but an early death.  I am thinking of the inventor of different computer things who had a very early death. 
Asaph describes all the good that seems to happen to these people.  He uses terms like everything their hearts could wish.  What I don’t understand is about no bands in their death.
We could go forward to verse 17 where he says he finally understands when he gets into the presence of God in the sanctuary.  There is a famous sermon called, “Payday Some Day”, which is about Ahab the wicked king of Israel and is very similar to this Psalm.
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