Psalm 75:1-10

Thy name is near for thy wondrous works declare.  Like Paul in the beginning chapter of Romans we can see God in the things that are created.  Only a complete fool would deny the creation. 
The psalmist speaks of the word called promotion in verse 6.  Then in verse 7 God is a righteous judge who puts down one and sets up another.  There I am reminded of Saul and David.  God said to Saul through Samuel, “You are finished” and Samuel goes to anoint David.  However David had to be trained so Saul was allowed to go on for awhile.
Then the writer said, “I will declare forever. I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.” Why does Asaph say the God of Jacob? Isn’t his new name Israel? I like to look at Him as the God of Jacob.  With my past life I identify more with the name Jacob.  It was God who gave him the new name Israel going from supplanter to a prince with God.  In this where am I and where are you?
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