Psalms 135:13-31

These verses are a part of a psalm of remembrance. Earlier we see God choosing Jacob and how He dealt with pharaoh and the Egyptians.  He then speaks of the slaughter of the great kings of Canaan.

We start here with the name of God enduring forever and His memorial shall be to all generations.  This makes me pause to ask what I am doing to keep this great name in remembrance and whether I am proclaiming it while I am alive.  What will the future generation gain in the knowledge of God because I am here?

The next thought is that God is the perfect Judge.  In Isaiah 11:3 it is said that He does not judge after the sight of the eye, or the hearing of the ear.  Many times we are wrong in judgment but God is never wrong. 

The Psalmist speaks of idols as the work of men’s hands.  They don’t speak and men are fools who make and trust in them.  Idols can be anything we trust in that is not our living God.

Now the last is blessing and trusting.  The name Israel is the whole nation.  The name Levi speaks of the spiritual quality of the nation.  Where is the spiritual quality of our nation today?

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