Psalms 50:1-13

Thought this Psalm would be easy to blog, but am finding I have a whole lot more material to write, enough to fill more space than I have room for. First of all God is called the Mighty God ruling over the earth wherever the sun shines.
I halt a little while on the city of Zion as it is called “perfection of beauty”.  Here God shined.  Is this the city we call Jerusalem.  This city failed so miserably that God allowed it to be destroyed.  Then to be rebuilt (temple and all) and destroyed again in 70 A.D.  However, the future will be glorious.  We have the term “our God shall come.”  Is this Jesus appearance the first time or the second time, no doubt the second time -first time in humility, the second time in glory. (Rev.19:11-16).  This is the judging of His people.  Jesus declared that all judgment is given to Him.
There is the declaration of a covenant by sacrifice.  We must remember the content.  Sacrifices were right and good in the Old Testament if done in faith, but even that became corrupted.  God said,  “Do you think I am hungry that you give me a bullock or sheep to eat?”  There was a sacrifice that God was going to make that would put an end to all earthly sacrifices.  This was testified by John the Baptist (1John1:29).  Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.
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