Reach Out To The Skeptic! – John 1:43-51 

Phillip was one of the first to follow Jesus and one of the first to share the news of Jesus’ coming as Messiah.  Nathaniel was skeptical at first but came to believe on Jesus as well.  How do we reach the skeptical?

1.  Be convinced – “follow me” –  Phillip was first convinced himself that Jesus was Messiah
2.  Be compassionate – “find” –  Phillip followed the example of Jesus who came to seek and to save the lost
3.  Be consistent – “found”, “come and see” – Phillip shared the message of Jesus and did not quit with the first question.  Phillip also did not argue or try to trick Nathaniel.

Christ does not have to be defended just declared and demonstrated in and through my life!

Walk with the Lord and reach out to the skeptic!

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