Redeem The Time! – Job 14:1-15

Job discusses the brevity of life, the finality of death and the many unknowns and uncontrollable parts of life.  It is important to see the value of each present day and make the most of it for several reasons.

1.  Things change – “Man is born unto trouble” – at any moment our lives can be unexpectedly be completely changed and we no longer have the same opportunities.
2.  Time cannot be reclaimed – once time has been spent it can never be regained.
3.  Time ends – Once a man dies there are no “do overs” – “Only one life twill soon be past only what’s done for Christ will last”.

Today – this present moment is all that I know I have so use it wisely.  Live for things that are eternal.  Value most importantly my relationship with God and the souls of men.

Walk with the Lord and redeem the time!!!

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