Remember A Sure Authority! – 2 Peter 1:15-21

Peter reminds us of our sure authority found in the Word of God!

1.  The Opposite of God’s Word – “cunningly devised fables” – man-made myths

2.  The Obligation to God’s Word – “do well that ye take heed” – obedience by faith

3.  The Origin of God’s Word – “holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost” – inspiration

The Word of God is a “more sure” authority than eye witness testimony and experience.  Salvation and its’ outworking are based on a sure authority, will face the attack of sure apostasy and have hope in a sure appearing!  Inspiration means “God-breathed”.  Like a musician who breaths through his instrument to play the trumpet and the sound is literally a part of him so God breathed through human writers to produce His Word.  The Word of God is alive and produces life because it is the breath of God.  At creation God breathed into Adam and “man became a living soul”.  As a follower of Jesus who is the living Word I should spend time in the written Word each day!

Walk with the Lord and remember the sure authority of His Word!!! 

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