Revelation 15 – He Deserves Our Praise!

It is time now for the revelation of the vial or bowl judgments on the earth.  These will be the last round of judgments.  But before they come, the angels who participated in the demise of the beast, his image and number sing a song of praise to God.  Think about the truths of this song (which is entirely taken from Old Testament passages) in light of all the judgment taking place on the earth.
1.  God’s deeds are amazing and great.
2.  His ways are just and true.
3.  He is to be feared and glorified because He alone is holy.
4.  All nations will worship Him.
5.  In all that has happened, His righteousness has been revealed.

All of the pain, suffering and carnage of these judgments is going to reveal the righteousness of God.  But this is not the only way that His righteousness is revealed.

In Romans 1:17 we learn that the power of God is in the Gospel and that in it (both the Gospel itself and how it changes our lives) the righteousness of God is revealed.  That mean you can reveal the righteousness of God today!  Let God continue to change your life for His honor and glory through the power of the Gospel.  In that process, He will get honor and glory and praise and you will have joy!

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