Revelation 17:1-8

Here we have only eight verses, but what a load of information we have.  First of all the definition of a prostitute is one who takes the place of a wife, but will never be a true wife.  To add to this the true church is the bride of Christ.  If this is true what about the prostitute mentioned in these verses.  The kings and inhabitants are made drunk with her fornication.  There is something intoxicating about her.  If this is not the true church it is a religious system of things like the true church, but completely false.  She rides in a scarlet colored beast and on this beast are the names of blasphemy.  This woman had an imperial robe of purple with gold and precious stones.  Then we will notice the word mystery Babylon the mother of harlots.  She is drunk with the blood of saints and martyrs.  John wondered at her. 
If you will notice that I have to go farther in this chapter that it is a city with seven mountains.  I will leave whoever reads this to look into all this and form your own conclusions.  I have mine.  It is a city that seems to have a certain power over the kings of the earth.
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