Revelation 22:1-8

 I mentioned in my last blog that this is a vision that John had and there is a lot of symbolism here.  However, when symbolism is the real thing it is a great deal better.  First we are told about a pure river.  There is nothing impure in the eternal city.  Then there is the ‘tree of life” last mentioned when Adam was put out of the Garden of Eden.  I don’t know about the leaves for the healing of the nations.  I have a policy not to comment on what I don’t know.
The curse is gone. That curse was for this present sinful world.  Next we have no need for light.  This God provides with no darkness.
I notice a special angel was dispatched to His servants what must take place soon.  I want to emphasize the words “His Servants.”  I am one of His servants.
Then we have one of the three times Christ uses the words, “behold I am coming quickly”.  John at the end says, “even so come Lord Jesus!”
John then falls down to worship the angel that showed him these things.  The angel says no.  That means we are to worship only God.  That tells me much about what is happening in this present world.
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