Revelation 8 – The Seventh Seal (Seven Trumpets)

There could not possibly be much that could keep the saints and angels in heaven from singing the praises of Jesus Christ.  But on that day when the seventh seal is opened, all heaven will be silent for half an hour.  The seventh seal brings about the seven trumpet judgments.  Four of which are included in this chapter:

1.  1/3 of the earth’s vegetation burned up
2.  1/3 of the seas turned to blood (resulting in 1/3 of sea creatures and ship being destroyed)
3.  1/3 of the fresh water (drinking water) will be poisoned killing many
4.  1/3 of the light from the sun, moon and stars is removed
Sadly, these four trumpets are just the beginning.  It is about to get much worse.
God is so gracious and patient with us.  We live in a world that is increasingly rejecting His will and yet as of right now we are able to live and worship Him freely.  Please do not take this for granted.  Let’s exercise our freedoms and worship God with our lives, winning others to Christ.
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