Romans 10:14-21

The first verse tells me that we need more people to hear the Gospel and in order to hear it we need more people really sent of God to preach.  Does that mean all these preachers have to be full time pastors over congregations having a seminary education.  I know this is the modern trend and has the tendancy to make the rest lazy Christians.  I have preached for 55 years without all that, but I do have a knowledge of God’s book, the Bible.  We do need that to know how to tell people how to be saved. 
Verse 15 says that those who preach the Gospel have beautiful feet. We trudge the desert sands with the hope of bringing one more soul to Christ.
 Will all hear?  Paul here speaks of Isaiah as an example.  They didn’t hear him nor did they all hear Christ Himself.  Will they all hear me?  Neither will they all hear you.  Paul concludes this thought by saying, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”  If  you never tell anyone how will they hear and how can they be saved?
The last verse speaks again of Isaiah.  He could not have been considered successful by the world’s standards, but his letter is the most complete prophesy about Christ in the Old Testament.  It was this gospel that got the man from Africa to trust Christ, of course with the help of Phillip the preacher. ( Acts 8:26-39) You can be that preacher.  I can be that preacher.
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