Romans 1:8-17

Here was a group of Christians in Rome that Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles had nothing to do with starting the Church.  However, if we look at the last chapter we will find Paul passing greetings to many of his friends, some having prominence in thte book of Acts as working Christians.
Paul talks about the Roman believers that their faith was spoken about throughout the whole known world.  My question about myself is whether my faith is known and whether it makes a difference to anyone.
Paul wanted to come to Rome and little did he know according to Acts 27 & 28 that he would get there under extreme difficulty and shipwreck in about a year’s time.
Paul prayed a lot for the Christians at Rome.  Pauls constant prayer life is mentioned in all of his letters.  He was constantly aware of the difficulties and dangers among the churches of that day.  He as an Apostle calls himself a debtor to all people of all walks of life in the preaching of the Gospel. 
Paul declares himself that he is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.  He declares that it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.  I am not ashamed either.  My two letter motto is K.R. , that is to keep praying and keep preaching.  In this God’s righteousness is revealed from faith to faith.  Then he closes this in Martin Luther’s favorite phrase, “The just shall live by faith.”  It should be a favorite for all of us.

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