Romans 3:1-8

This chapter begins with Paul saying that the Jews have an advantage in that they were given the very truth of God.  When I look at the word oracles, I think of the word oratory which is the making and giving of a speech.  In my mind that is what the whole Old Testament is in all its various kinds of truth,  much of it the grand theme the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thus the Jews would have a great advantage over the Gentiles.  
Now in verse 3 just because some Jews did not believe it doesn’t make the faith of others unreal or without effect.  God is to be spoken as speaking truth and everyone who denies it is a liar.  We have a lot of that in our world today.  I heard about a delightful saying on a church sign.  The Bible is true.  Don’t myth it.  
The rest of these verses I find difficult to put the interpretation on paper.  If I live as a sinner feeling I am okay in doing so does that make God unjust to punish me.  Today’s judgement is always just and right.  I take for example Abraham’s conversation with God about Sodom’s destruction.  Shall not the Judge of all the world do right.  The city was destoyed and we would say rightfully so, but not all men would say that.
Verse 8 ends with the statement, “whose damnation is just”  What  would I be to to speak against God? Can I judge the righteous requirements of God? I would be a fool to do that and believe me there are plenty of those kind of fools in this world.  Don’t be that kind of fool.  Just trust Christ and have your sins forgiven.

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