Romans 7:14-25

Paul is here speaking about a man facing himself.  Are there really two of me? Could Paul the great apostle really say these things about himself?  Even though we count ourselves dead to sin as we see in chapter six we can’t just dump that old nature aside and go on with the new.  It would be nice if we could.  There were people who taught years ago that to be sanctified they didn’t sin any more. I don’t know any that teach that now.
Paul continues this truth about the sinful nature and the new nature and the battle within us until the end of the chapter.  We are at war and it is a hard war. Could this happen to Paul, or is it just for other Christians?  It had to be Paul too because of the word I used many times in this section, and when I read this it certainly must be said of me too.  I couldn’t hold a candle to that great Apostle Paul. 
Paul continues with the term, “Oh wretched man that I am. Who shall deliver me from the body of this death.” He goes on to say, “I Thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.”  The next chapter begins with no condemnation.  We are free because of Jesus Christ. 
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