Serving The Body Of Christ! – Romans 12:9-21

Through the first eleven chapters of Romans there is an emphasis on unity in doctrine although there is diversity in background and methodology in God’s plan.

1.  All are sinners – all are condemned – all are unable to save themselves
2.  All are shown mercy – all are loved by God – Christ died for all – all can be saved
3.  All are saved by grace alone – through faith alone – in Christ alone

Beginning in chapter twelve the emphasis is unity in deportment based on the doctrine of the previous chapters.  The challenge of chapter twelve is to yield my body (as a living sacrifice) for Christ’s body (the Church – Jew and Gentile together) using the gifts that he has given to me. 

In the passage today we are given instruction on how to serve the church.  Verses 9-15 give a list of directions that parallel the list of gifts in verses 6-8.  Verses 16-21 share the manner in which we are to serve.

1.  With Humility v.16
2.  With Honesty v.17
3.  With Harmony v.18

Have I delivered my body  like challenged in verses 1-5? Have I discovered my gift in verses 6-8?  Have I developed my gift according to verses 9-15?  Have I deployed my gift according to verses 16-21?

Walk with the Lord and serve His body – 

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