Showing Boldness! – 1 Kings 18:1-16

Obadiah had a desire and demonstrated a willingness to do right but when it came time to be identified publicly as a follower of Jehovah he struggled with boldness.  Boldness is confidence that what I have to say or do is just, right and true.  Where does boldness come from?

1.  Fear of God more than fear of man
2.  Faith in truth more than faith in deceit
3.  Love for others more than love for self

Obadiah was afraid of Ahab more than he feared God.  Obadiah had faith that deceit would work better than truth.  Obadiah was mostly concerned with his safety, his provision and his reputation.  All of these factors led to Obadiah’s struggle with boldness.  Study God’s Word to be convinced of His worthiness to be feared.  Saturate my heart with God’s Word to strengthen my faith. Stay in the mirror of God’s Word to reveal selfish lust that need to be removed from my heart.  Pray for boldness like the early church.

Walk with the Lord and show boldness as His follower!!!

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