Song of Solomon 2:1-17

People use the Song of Solomon in different ways.  I am wondering whether Solomon had a special lady (out of a thousand) that he wrote the song about. Or could it be God’s thoughts about His ancient people Israel.  We find such thoughts in some Psalms and in other places in the Old Testament. 

I have heard it used in conferences about marriage of a husband and wife and their relationship.  We did use it for a couple’s night in the small church where I previously attended.  For that I must confess it works quite well.

My next thought, where it works very well, is that it is a typical picture of Christ and the Church which is His bride.  Christians need an intimate relationship with their heavenly Bridegroom, Christ.  You will notice the word “beloved” used a number of times.  In verse seven our love needs to be awakened.  The typical language in verse eight seems to be more than natural affection.  Has my love for Christ risen to more than just natural affection?  That is not enough.  I will close with this:  Arise my love my fair one and come away.”  Christ doesn’t want a competing love.  He wants all of me.  Some commentators have used this statement to typically mean what we know as the Rapture.  I believe Christ wants me to give him my total heart in love.  He doesn’t want second best. 

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