Stay In God’s Will! – Exodus 2:11-25

Moses was born and rescued for a purpose.  Moses sought to do God’s will but tried to do it in his own way and time.  This resulted in forty years of wilderness living.

1. Listen for God’s will. Moses was burdened to check on the welfare of his brethren.
2. Follow God’s Word. Moses tried to use murder to accomplish God’s will.
3. Yield to God’s way. Moses failed to wait on God’s timing to deliver the Hebrews.

I must be sensitive to God’s will for me in carrying out the Great Commission. I must stay burdened for the lost who are in the bondage of sin. I must share the true message of the Gospel but do it in a manner that is pleasing and glorifying to God.

Walk with the Lord and stay in God’s will!!!

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