The Beginning of God’s Word – Exodus 20:1-17

After agreeing together with God to be His people and to keep His commandments, God begins to reveal His word to His people.  The Ten Commandments are the first recorded “Word of God” that anyone ever had written.  Stories had been told.  Parents had passed down principles to their children.  But at this moment of time God commanded a man of God to write these things down for His people.  These words were written on tablets of stone, not in a beautiful leather bound, shiny-edged paper book.  They were not available in 30 shades of colors or with study notes.  There were not editions for men, women, children, or any other in between.  There were two tablets of stone.  God’s Word to His people had begun.

The big picture for the whole of the commandments is this, “I am the LORD your God.”  This is all the reason we need to strive to follow the rest of God’s commands

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