The Coming Antichrist! – 2 Thessalonians2:6-12

Paul gives information that assures the believers that they have not missed the rapture. This information concerned the world leader during the tribulation – the Antichrist.

1. The restraint of the Antichrist –  The Holy Spirit dwelling in believers restrains evil and will be removed through the rapture before the Antichrist comes.
2. The revelation of the Antichrist – He will be revealed after the rapture by making a 7 year covenant with Israel.
3. The retribution of the Antichrist – He will be destroyed and cast into the Lake of Fire by Jesus Christ at His second coming to the earth.
4. The realm of the Antichrist – He will be a liar and promote unbelief. All who reject the Gospel before he is revealed will believe his lies and be judged along with him.

My job is to continue giving out the Gospel until the rapture happens and all the saved escape the tribulation!

Walk with the Lord and wait for His coming!!!

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