The Coming King! – Mark 13:24-37

Jesus continues to teach of His future coming to earth as King of Kings.

1.  The Tribulation of His coming – The coming of the King will take place after seven years of intense, supernatural discipline designed to draw Israel to Himself. 

2.  The Type of His coming – Like the fig tree that gives hints or signs of bearing fruit so there will be signs that this is about to happen.  These signs revolve around Israel.

3.  The Timing of His coming – No one knows the exact hour not even Jesus himself.

Times of tribulation are designed to draw us to the Lord!  Are you going through a time of tribulation?  Are you running away from God or toward Him?  All around us we see the stage being set for the coming of the King.  Are you alert to the moving of God in the world?  How about in your life?  God has a will for us just like a plan for Israel.  Is a His plan being accomplished!  The focus of the coming King should not be on the time but on our readiness.  Are you ready for the King’s return?

Walk with the Lord and look for the coming King!!! 

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