The Consequences Of Forgiven Sin! – Deuteronomy 2:14-19; 3:21-29

This passage reminds us that sin always has consequences even though we may seek God’s forgiveness and mercy.  God’s mercy and forgiveness means we will not be judged again for our sin but it does not remove consequences already in place.

1.  No Evasion – All sin must be punished by God.
2.  No Exception – Moses as great as he was also had consequences for his sin.
3.  No Excuse – We sin by choice from the inside not by circumstances on the outside.

Do not believe the devil’s lie that there is a way to sin and get away with it.  God sees and knows all sin.  God must and will judge all sin.  All sin has consequences even after it is forgiven.

Walk with the Lord and remember the consequences of forgiven sins!!!

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