The Fight For Fairness! – Job 16:1-22

Fairness is lowering God’s standards to the level that can be achieved with our human will and ability.  Fairness is based on man’s value system and man’s timetable. It is the product of human comparisons.  Fairness is looking at a situation from the viewpoint of each person rather than the viewpoint of God.

Job’s wife and friends were focused on “fairness” while Job saw God as just and merciful.

Justice is the application of the principles of God’s Word which are totally consistent with His holy character.  The principles of justice are universal and are not optional.  Justice reveals the true nature of God and the rebellious nature of man.  Justice requires full payment for every violation of God’s holy law.

Mercy is the provision which God has made in that His Son paid the full price for man’s violation of his holy laws.  Mercy is withholding from us the just punishment of our transgression.  Mercy is given to those who affirm God’s righteous standards and confess their failure to achieve them.

Walk with the Lord and rejoice and rest in His mercy – fight against fairness!!!

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