The High Cost Of Low Living! – 2 Kings 6:24-33

The people of God were facing severe consequences for their iniquity and idolatry.  Every person who chooses to live in sin can expect these same types of consequences.

1.  Loss of protection – the same enemy that had been blinded and defeated by God several months earlier now sets up a siege on Israel.
2.  Loss of provision – the same people who had experienced God’s abundance of the promised land now faced severe lack.
3.  Loss of perception – the same prophet who had been considered as a source of blessing was now looked on as the cause of problems.
4.  Loss of purpose – Instead of being a witness for God to the enemy the enemy has become a witness for God against the people.

Are you experiencing continued defeat in your life?  Could it be that you are harboring a sin against God or another? Are you experiencing God’s joy and blessing or is your experience dry and lacking?  Is the state of your life a witness for God to the enemy or a witness against God?  Do not continue to pay the high cost of low living. Turn from your sin to God.

Walk with the Lord and refuse to pay the high cost of low living! 

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