Titus 1:10-16

Paul beings this grouping of verses with his description of the people on the island of Crete.  This does not state whether they were true Christians or not.  Paul even quotes a prophet in Crete, which may or not have been a true believer in Christ.  If they act like that, they are to be rebuked sharply by Titus.  In the Church of God we are not to let every thing go but we must use wisdom.  They were not to give heed to Jewish fables.  These are stories with a supposed lesson, but not true to the Word of God.  They seemed to be designed to turn someone from the truth of God.

What does it mean that all things are pure to the pure?  All things here means their own lives.  Certainly not what we see in this country around us.  The others have a defiled conscience and nothing is pure.  There is a profession that they know God, but in their works, they deny Him by being disobedient and unto every good work reprobate.  I must pause here and ask, “Is there any part of this that could be true of me?”  If there is, I must repent and turn from it.

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