Trust In The LORD! – Proverbs16:1-11

The name “LORD” is the name “JEHOVAH”.  Jehovah is the self existing holy one who hates sin but loves sinners. These verses tell us several things about Jehovah.

1.  Jehovah is sovereign – He is completely in control
2.  Jehovah is set apart – He is holy – separate from all other in every way
3.  Jehovah is supreme – He is greatest, highest

Jehovah hates sin but He loves sinners.  He is my redeemer. He is worthy of all that I am and all that I have and all that I ever hope to be.  Jehovah is worthy of my worship.  Jehovah is worthy of my praise.  Jehovah is worthy of my trust.  Jehovah is worthy of my obedience!

Walk with the Lord and trust in the LORD!!!

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