Unity Through Clarity Of Purpose! – Romans 15:1-16

The emphasis beginning in chapter twelve has been on unity of deportment. Believers are to live and function as one body through:
1.  Unity of diversity of gifts – chapter 12
2.  Unity through authority – chapter 13
3.  Unity through charity – chapter 14
4.  Unity through clarity of purpose – chapter 15

Paul explains a three-fold purpose for all believers.
1.  Edification of believers v.2
2.  Exaltation of God v.6
3.  Evangelism of the Lost v.16

Look for opportunities today to encourage and strengthen other believers.  Glorify God by demonstrating His likeness in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Seek to share the gospel with at least one lost person today.  Begin fulfilling this purpose in my family, neighborhood, church to the ends of the earth.

Walk with the Lord and in unity through clarity of purpose!!!

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