Walk In Love! – John 15:12-27

Jesus in preparing the disciples for life when He was no longer with them bodily, told them to love one another.  What is involved in this command?

1.  Commitment of Love – “lay down his life” – True love gives up self rights and self will and “loses” life for Christ’s sake.
2.  Cause of Love – “fruit that remains” – God being glorified, saints being edified and sinners being evangelized.
3.  Conflict of Love – The world system is in direct conflict with God and with God-like life.
4.  Companion of Love – The Holy Spirit is given to continually point us to Christ and show us our need to keep Him on the throne of our hearts.

If Christ is on the throne of my life and my desire is to please Him then the commitment of love will flow to others and produce the fruit that God ordained.  I will face the conflict of the world hating me but do so with the Companion of the Holy Spirit helping me!

Walk with the Lord

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