You Are Important To God! – Psalm 139:13-24

After speaking of God’s omniscience and omnipresence the writer now turns to God’s omnipotence.  God is all-powerful.  His power is not shown in destruction but in creation.  Each of us have been uniquely designed in our mother’s womb.  He thinks about us constantly.  We are important to God!  Because of our God-worth we are important in other areas.

1.  We are important to our family.

2.  We are important to our church.

3.  We are important to our world.

The mighty God has purposely designed us and placed us to make a difference for Him!  I have a role to fulfill as His worshipper, His worker, and His witness!  Make a difference for God today in each of these areas!

Walk with the Lord and remember you are important to God!!!

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